Use Paperless in Your Property Management Office

Property managers continue to search for more ways to go ‘green.’ as more property management companies become more environmentally aware This process can include everything from reducing office thermometers to using more environmentally friendly cleaning products. Among the easiest ways to lower your carbon footprint will be to reduce paper use in your office.

While this may sound easy at first, we all understand that the property management industry is quite paper-driven (believe program, credit report, lease agreement, lease renewal, etc.). But with some recently formed, environmentally friendly customs and also the utilization of both state of the art property management program, alongside electronic invoicing and document management program, many supervisors are currently locating their offices surprisingly paper free.

Here are some ideas for your office to implement. Some are surprisingly straightforward, while some might need an investment in time plus cash.

  • Print on both sides of the paper. Deceptively easy, however I ‘d think that most folks don’t give this a notion when printing a multi-page document.
  • Switch to electronic documents. For your next assembly, instead of printing out copies of the plan, and multiple reports that might or might not be reviewed, simply route the file via email.
  • This provides recipients the option to read the file online, or print just the pages needed.
  • Buy recycled paper merchandises, and ensure that your office recycles paper as well. You may also wish to consider putting signs (IS THAT COPY ESSENTIAL?) Over the office copier or consider using print management software. Sometimes folks are not aware of exactly how much paper they’re until that utilization report is staring those in the face, using.
  • Consider buying new software. This will also finally save your premises management business the most in both time and resources, while the most high-priced choice. If you’re not prepared for this measure, consider purchasing document management applications that could easily handle and store files electronically, giving quick, simple access to info to management and staff.

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